Are you a Fashionista? - Part 1

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“Fashion they say comes and goes but style is eternal”

Coco Chanel said: -When a woman is badly dressed you notice the clothes, but when a woman is well dressed you notice the woman”.

Many people these days really do get caught up in fashion for the sake of fashion forgetting the real function of the clothes. As Judith Rasbrand mentioned your clothes are a resource that empowers you with a better thinking ability. Your dress sense, style, poise and presence is a reflection of how you think, feel, act and live. Sometimes keeping up with fashion trends can be time consuming, energy sapping and money gulping, so some would choose to ignore it altogether at times out of sheer fear and anxiety.

In reality in striving for self -actualization and ultimately fulfilment you need to identify your personality trait that works with your daily lifestyle, the things you love and like the most. A woman has many facets in life, from being the woman she is, a wife, a mother, a professional, a leader, a boss, a relative and a decent member of society. She will need to uphold all these roles as they come by. Her sense of fashion and diversified wardrobe is the most effective way to show the different “her”.

Being fashion forward or fashion conscious automatically meets some basic need s namely – physical, psychological, social and aesthetic because you will always be sending a message. What message are you communicating when you are dressed?

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to start by dressing with intention; this will validate your own thoughts, feelings as well as actions. The success of your goals depends on the impression you create for yourself when you step out. Essentially I am identifying a consistency that you should try to maintain that is to hone “your brand

The important thing about being fashionable or thinking of what is in fashion is making it work for you. It is a great idea to wear fashion trends that make you feel comfortable, also that complement your style and that boosts your overall image. Don’t just wear the colour yellow because it is in vogue, but you are so dark skinned you pop out of the clothes. Go for that shade of yellow that best fits your complexion, hair and eyes altogether. Remember where you are too, some fashion may depend on your locality, and could be deemed offensive or totally unacceptable. Be sensitive to your environment and true to yourself. With the aid of an image consultant it is necessary to identify what your style personality is your body proportions and your colour analysis. This will help you save money and time on your next shopping spree as you will know what naturally attracts you, you ideal size and fit as well as the skill to mix and match accordingly. Fashion is an art which flows with you over time if you cultivate the interest. Today there is no time to be sitting on the fence. No matter your age, being self-aware is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is not about how much money you have but how well coordinated you are on the smallest budget.

What is your style?  Start your own fashion trend, you will be glad you did.

One interesting thing about fashion is that it tends to fill an urge to buy even when there is no money. This can be both positive and negative according to your emotional levels. It becomes an issue when you find yourself buying more than one of the same thing or you repeat purchases forgetting you already have it.

Essential Image Characteristics to Maximize Your Positive Impact

Let us remember one important thing starting your own fashion trend is the stepping stone to building your personal brand. This is how you maximize your visibility, your results and create that positive impact. Please read the following characteristics you may begin to cultivate as you embark on this journey of identifying the new you.

  1. Be Unique: Be the true you, no one else can claim to be you so bring out those traits that people will always know you for that are positive.
  2. Be Consistent: Maintain a good personality that people can align with. Develop your own signature style, smell, look, quote, walk ….you name it.
  3. Be Valuable: Whatever you do make it relevant such that it creates and adds value to those around you.
  4. Be Memorable: In creating your brand it is a good idea to ensure that you are able to imprint a good image in the minds of others. That is what a brand is all about.
  5. Be Trustworthy: Every time you step out you are making statement that speaks to who you claim to be, more like a ‘promise’. This is where you build your trust, If you break this promise you kill your image and reputation.

Watch Out for Fashionista Part 2 next week!

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