Are You A Victim Of Image Breaking?

By: Janet Adetu Date: 4 years agoComment: 0 Category: Articles

We all strive to be as normal as possible forgetting that image indeed is everything. Whether you are a professional or an entrepreneur, you will be perceived, approached and accepted based on what people see. If you consider your progress, level of success and career growth to be important then it is your duty to live up to expectation and value your image. Many people do not understand the protocol of maintaining a promising self-image or the importance it has in their life.

On numerous occasions during my seminars with professionals, I have found that the motivation to create an impressive first impression is wanting. Good work ethics have become a thing of the past as the 21st century ‘Generation Y’ and now the Millennials what I call Generation Z are ever on the go with little time for details.

This is worrying as employers become more concerned about those they send out to act as the face of the company and represent them. There is now a growing need to invest in building an acceptable self and corporate image that gives that panache advantage. It is easy not to be aware of actions, behaviors and attitude that truly diminish ones image until it becomes a habit that is easily noticed by others.

Below are some of the professional image breakers that I encounter on a regular basis. Are you a victim? This is the time to acknowledge and fix it.


General Physiology

  1. Sitting in an inelegant and awkward manner.
  2. A woman who walks like a man
  3. Walking fast and swinging arms rapidly
  4. Walking too slow and sluggishly
  5. Dragging feet on the ground while shoulders are humped
  6. A fierce and inappropriate body language
  7. Standing in an unattractive and distracted manner

 Overall Body

  1. Constant bad breath
  2. Offensive body odour
  3. Visible sweat under the armpits
  4. A man who keeps long nails
  5. A woman with uncomfortably long nails
  6. Dirty un-kept and chipped nails
  7. A woman with smelly braided hair
  8. Hair that appears untidy and unwashed
  9. Maintaining an ungroomed full head of grey hair
  10. An man with unshaven facial hair
  11. A man with hair overdue for barbing





  1. Overbearing perfume
  2. Not wearing any deodorant or perfume
  3. Smelly, unwashed and dirty clothing
  4. Excessive and unattractive make-up
  5. Lipstick on teeth



  1. Ill- fitting clothes
  2. Very short skirts
  3. Transparent clothing
  4. Revealing underwear
  5. Unflattering coloured (uncoordinated) clothing
  6. Old, outdated and worn out wear
  7. Wrinkled and un ironed clothing
  8. Dressing too old or too young
  9. Sloppy business casual dressing
  10. Unprofessional ensemble

 Fabulous Feet

  1. Constantly worn out heels.
  2. Paying little attention to the shine and polish of your shoes
  3. Wearing boots with short dresses
  4. Undone shoe laces
  5. Wearing uncomfortably high heels that disrupt your walk
  6. Shoes that reveal your un-kept toes
  7. Wearing slippers, rubber crocs and sandals to work
  8. You wear official shoes with jeans



  1. Carrying an everyday cheap pen
  2. Old and worn briefcase or handbag
  3. Cheap watch
  4. Unsuitable and excessive jewelry
  5. Worn out belts
  6. Wearing unmatched socks or having holes.
  7. Excessively big handbags for professional look
  8. Bulky wallets
  9. Wearing your pen in the breast pocket of your shirt
  10. Ink stains on the shirt pocket
  11. Not having a business card holder



  1. Speaking too fast, low or loud
  2. Talking while eating
  3. Speaking aggressively
  4. Talking to someone while looking at the wall, sky or ground
  5. Eating while talking on the phone
  6. Poor diction and enunciation


This extensive list though no exhaustive gives a simple and true indication of how we live our lives daily. It’s not about changing who you are but making a conscious attempt to improve your self-image, with the aim of striving for success. The list offers an insight into the many ways our image can have a negative impact. Try to take them in your stride and identify your image breakers then make that extra effort to adjust yourself. You can only develop professionalism by learning to make a difference each day.


“Change surely does not come easy, but a step in the right direction lays

the foundation for tomorrow”

-Janet Adetu

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