Dining with Grace “Restaurant Savvy Skills”

By: Janet Adetu Date: 3 years agoComment: 0 Category: Articles

It’s Valentine’s  season again a time when all restaurants are fully booked with loved ones excited about dining out in the spirit of love. Whether you are having a six course set menu, a buffet spray dinner or fast food takeaway the norm is to eat out.

How well will you rate your dining skills? I don’t mean your ability to eat fast but your entire conduct before, during and after the meal. Many would say that they could not be bothered about how they dine so long as they are enjoying the meal on hand. It would surprise you to know that I have seen people loose job offers or fail to get promoted simply because they lacked basic dining etiquette therefore would not be able to represent the company . This valentine season in the midst of the moment show your loved one and all who care to see that you do have what it takes to have professional and personal presence. Boost your confidence as you read my dining savvy guidelines:

  1. When inviting your guest to a restaurant try to pre book in advance. Choose your seating where you believe your guest will like and appreciate. Choose a restaurant or place where the ambience is conducive.
  2. Check the menu in advance to have an idea of the kind of food being served as well as the all-important price list.
  3. On Valentine’s Day choose from the variety of set menus on offer for the day. Ensure that your valentine has no reaction to allergies, or religious commitments.
  4. Be sure to identify smoking and non-smoking areas.
  5. Out of courtesy allow your guest or Valentine to make first choice when deciding on what to eat.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes earlier if you intend dining at a pre booked restaurant. Start with pre cocktail drinks to set the tone going and increase the ambience.
  7. Remember to use your napkin when seated at the table.
  8. Know the tools of table;  use the appropriate cutlery for the correct course.
  9. The buffet spread is available for you for you to systematically try out as many dishes as you please. Try not to mix and match starters, with the main meal or desert.
  10. Enjoy the full course meal on offer from the canapés to the starter, main meal, desert and the coffee.
  11. Engage in appropriate conversation during the course of the meal. The dining experience should not just be to wine, dine and leave. Choose from topics that will bring a smile to both faces.
  12.  Avoid the use of mobile phones newspapers or magazines at the dining table even when you know you will have to wait a bit for the food to arrive. Engage in good conversation.
  13. Eat systematically keeping your plate looking fresh. Avoid eating from the centre of the plate where food is almost spilling over the plate.
  14. No Slurping, Belching, Burping at the table
  15. No Elbows at the table.
  16. Remember dining is like dancing take it one step at a time. Be charming gentleman  and an elegant lady  this Valentines season.


Happy valentines!

Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!

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