Executive Manners

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Are you a professional? Are you a self -employed business person?

Whatever your line of business be it in the service or production industry, your attitude, behaviour and ways of communication determine whether a new acquaintance, colleague, client or customer will want to know you more, or even do business with you.

The first impression you send out is the determining factor that will make or break you. It is what you leave in the minds of people you meet. The idea of mastering manners in today’s business world is fast becoming more and more essential. Corporate organisations have come to realize that your ability to develop and manage your soft skills (manners + etiquette) is now far more important than mastering your technical skills

Becoming a leader of respect, repute and recognition involves learning the rules of the game. Though these protocol rules are unwritten, people expect you to know them whether no matter the situation. Executive manners will guide your business and social behaviour and set the necessary framework for building your moral IQ.             .

How do you show Executive Manners?

Visualize entering a board room for a very important meeting with potentially high prospect clients. The meeting is an all day affair and will include lunch. How best do you show executive manners?

In five easy steps your executive manners will be determined by:

  1. Whether you present yourself positively
  2. Your ability to communicate with utmost care        .
  3. Your strength in networking and building a rapport for better relationships.
  4. Your personal conduct and body language in the meeting.
  5. How well you dine with confidence and ease.

Strategic reasons for Executive Manners

Executive manners are what you learn on a daily basis and practice regularly to stay on top and outclass your competitors. They become a part of you and your daily demeanour. Ultimately executive manners will be your route to success in your professional and personal life.

Because the lack of manners can cost millions in business, health, relationships and success it is essential we identify why we need executive manners.

First Impression

You only get one chance to make a good first impression; you must always put your best image forward. Good executive manners will create the most needed first impression to get ahead start in business. If you consider how important your reputation is, you will guard it with all your life. A good reputation commands power, where a successful reputation is based on how well your executive manners propel you to the top. Ensure that in your appearance, clothes, gestures, words and actions portray the right first impression congruent with your goals and values in life.

Feeling Good

If your executive manners are on point you may experience a spring or a bounce in your step. What do I mean by this; generally your self esteem will be boosted because of that extra air of confidence. Good executive manners will enable you navigate any awkward situation and you will feel comfortable, at ease and command well deserved respect.

Leader skills

You can spot a leader from a mile away, there is always something extra ordinary about them, and they tend to have that exceptional attribute. Using your wide base of soft skills to your advantage will exhibit leadership skills that make others want to know you better and benefit from your experience. Knowledge of executive manners will surely accelerate you to heights, greater than your imagination.          

Interpersonal Rapport

Developing   your networking skills, ensures that you are able to work a room with confidence, comfort and ease. You would be able to engage in discussions of all manner and nature and nature without becoming wall paper (i.e tied to the corner of a room). If you are called upon at any point in time as an executive, to comment on any particular thing, you will not be caught unaware.  Executive manners will expose you to the tricks of small talk and public speaking.


Respect they say is earned comes to whom it is due. The moment you are able to show excellent skills in manners and etiquette you begin to command and show respect: Respect must be for yourself, others, corporate property and your environment. A perfect gentleman or elegant lady, never goes unnoticed. Carriage of you with grace and calm is the epitome of respect. Develop your executive manners today and see how much respect you are able to earn.



With executive manners you are an invaluable asset to your organisation. As an asset you will be able to lead and achieve successful results, the ultimate objective of every organisation.

Take that bold step today Goodluck!

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