A Woman’s Elegance

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When a woman dresses badly you notice the clothes, when a woman dresses well you notice the woman.

  • Coco Chanel

That quote could not be further from the truth one of many quotes I admire. I believe that every woman is beautiful both inside and out; and therefore is royalty in her own right. It depends very much on how you think of yourself, treat yourself and love yourself. Royalty is holding yourself in high esteem by His Grace without pride or prejudice. Unfortunately, many of us are constantly down and demoralised, lack confidence, have a low self esteem and are most times indecisive about our future.

To be a great woman at whatever you do you will need etiquette elegance that stems from manner, Kindness, consideration, respect and honesty. Manners and etiquette work hand in hand, they are a result of a kind heart. If we were to measure the impact of etiquette and what it says about you the following will be the benchmark. In other words Your Etiquette tells us:

  1. Who you are;
  2. Your upbringing;
  3. The level of education you have attained;
  4. Your personality;
  5. Your family background;
  6. Your thought process (mind set);
  7. Your class or economic status;
  8. Your experiences (read, travel)

To improve your awareness of etiquette and achieve excellent manners, you need to expose yourself to elegance, being elegant and to elegant woman. An elegant woman is a gracious woman with values and care for others. Many would ask what is the essence of all this? Why can’t a woman be left to be who she is?                                   Well it is important for a number of reasons including the ability to increase your confidence, polish and posture, have a competitive edge at work or in your industry, enhance your professionalism in your chosen field and promote a lasting image. Let me leave you with a few etiquette elegance tips for your consumption.

10 Etiquette Elegance Tips.

  1. Start from the Heart.

It is important to deal with the inside first so that the rest of your workings of elegant self (outside) will come with ease. When you smile, from your mouth, let it be seen in your eyes, your facial expression and in your speech.

People will be automatically attracted to you when your elegance comes from the heart.

  1. Your looks (Appearance)/ Posture.

A large chunk of about 55% of my first impression of you will come from your appearances: -Choose your clothes well, colour coordinate tops, bottoms, shoes. Do not wear ruffled clothing, keep your hair neat and well groomed.

Your feet should look glamorous, wear good shoes and keep toes well catered for.


  1. Your Posture

Stand elegantly, do not slouch, do not pick your nose or spit, watch your body language.


  1. Your Voice/Speed

Choose words with maturity, no insults, no slangs. Be friendly and have a light heart, do not name drop or speak with pride. Use magic words.ie, Please, Thank you, Excuse me, Hello.


  1. Your Mindset

Have a kind heart full of love, kindness, compassion, with no rudeness

Your attitude should be good with a lot of patience while you try to ignore faults.


  1. Choose Quality not Quantity

When purchasing for yourself or home appreciate good things like flowers, books, places and clothing, you should try to buy value for money. They should also be durable things not necessarily expensive.


  1. Invest in developing yourself

Acquire education or knowledge in a chosen interesting field. Develop your IQ, your and your intellect. Better still find a sport of interest and engage in it.


  1. Beauty

Aspire to always look good, don’t be lackadaisical about how you look or what you wear, don’t settle for less. Make up should be applied according to comfort. Plain faces make men look elsewhere when you are talking. Make your face, respectful, presentable.


  1. Elegant Home

For me simple and elegant is a catch, your home should always be clean, clutter free, organized and colour coordinated. Touch up your home with flowers and decorations of pleasure; add pictures of yourself, family or real antique. Appreciate good things while making your home welcoming for all especially your husband and partner.


  1. Elegant Entertainment

Finally an Elegant woman should have a heart of sharing, Invite friends and family home. Be that quintessential hostess, create social gatherings from there we learn a lot from one another.


I believe that every woman should strive for elegance, a trait that helps you create your Panache Advantage. Let me leave you with a personal quote of mine:

“Your Etiquette today will boost your personality and image, thus position you to become tomorrow’s successful leader”           

                                                                                                                   Janet Adetu.

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